1. Pu soaking adhesive has good antiskid and wear-resistant function. Adapt to light industrial assembly.

  2. Glove gloves: knitted gloves core is more comfortable and flexible.

  3. AG体育Nitrile butadiene foam dipping technology increases the anti cutting index and provides superior grip function。 It 。。。

  4. Nitrile gloves, which are different from ordinary gloves, are made of latex. It can be used as a household, ind...

  5. Nitrile grinding: the latest nitrile grinding and dipping technology provides superior grip function。 It is resista。。。

  6. Child gloves: comfortable and breathable, high degree of fitting

  7. Garden gloves: novel style and harmonious color

  8. Anti cutting gloves: very strong, highly chemical resistant, good physical properties, good scratch resistance, puncture resistance, wear resistance and cutting resistance.

  9. Foam gloves not only have a breathability inside the gloves, but also have good breathability on the glove surfa。。。

  10. Latex grind: high wear-resistant latex out of the way to impregnate glue to provide excellent grip ability and i...

  11. knitted polyester glove core is more comfortable and flexible。 The latex stripes provide good antiskid and wear 。。。

  12. excellent wear resistance, excellent mechanical properties and effective thermal contact protection. It is suitable for the oily environment of long time liquid.

  13. Gloves function: protect hands and maintain hand skin, comfortable and elegant hand, long life, wear-resistant and non degumming, and mild acid and alkali resistant oil。